Why buy electric chain block and Pulley

Why buy electric chain block and Pulley

In today’s world, industries are looking to lower their labour force and increase automation to improve their production capacity and decrease their dependence on labour. Transportation of materials from one place to another involves a lot of labour but results in very less productivity. This has necessitated the requirement to find electric versions to transport material which requires less labour and increases productivity.

In industries where the volume of work is very high or where the weight of materials required to be transported in very high, electric versions of transportation systems are used that include electric chain lifts, electric chain block, electric chain hoist and electric chain pulley system.

There are some advantages of manual versions of the same items; however, when the quantity of materials required to be transported is very high, electric versions simply win over the manual systems.

Chain lifts and electric chain hoists have several advantages that make them the preferred choice for most industries. The size of electric chain hoist remains the same even if the height of lifting increases or decreases.

Electric chain hoists are compact and are mostly free from oil contamination which is critical in certain industries like the food industry. Electric chain hoists are easy to install and dismantle and most chain hoist motors are single face, which are much cheaper than the electric wire rope hoist. Electric chain hoist is very light in weight and therefore very easy to install and dismantle. It is mostly cast in aluminium to make light and compact. 

Variations in chain hoist:

Chain hoists come in three variations. One is the fix or stationary hoist, second is the electric chain hoist with manual trolley, and the third variation is an electric chain hoist with electric trolley.

Stationary or fix hoists.

These types of hoists are used where only up-down motion is required like the goods lift where the lifts go only up and down.

Electric chain hoist with manual trolley:

This type of chain hoist system is used when the travelling distance of trolley is not much, and cross traverse motions are very few.

Electric chain hoist with electric trolley:

This system is widely used in industries where the movement of goods is very high, and the high volume of goods is required to be transported. Electric trolleys provide very smooth movement of the load and create low resistance in movement of trolleys on rails. 

Electric chain block and electric chain pulleys are the modern systems for the lifting of goods in high volume industries. They present very good working conditions for the worker and also offer a high volume of material transfer. 

There are many manufacturers in the market with different brand names. Some chain lifts and electric chain blocks are good in quality and deliver what they promise, but the market is full of substandard quality chain blocks and chain pulleys. If you are looking for quality electric chain hoist or electric chain block, Loadmate is a very good company manufacturing high-quality industrial products. They have a wide variety of lifting products from which you can choose your desired product.