What are the benefits of Electronic Recycling Santa Clara

I have worked in a warehouse in one of the most industrialized country in the world and I had the chance of seeing electronic wastes as high as a hill. I was wondering that time, how they are going to get rid of those wastes? I knew, they have that capability in first world countries, but, I was thinking of the third world countries. How will they do it?

What are the effects of wrong disposal of those electronic wastes?

These electronic wastes are like a double edged sword to the people. Some of the materials of these wastes can still be use by the people living in the area. But, some of the materials are hazardous by nature and needs to be disposed properly.

The benefits of electronic recycling

• It prevents pollution. Electronic wastes if properly disposed will prevent or minimized pollution. Some of the materials used in manufacture of these electronic appliances are made of hazardous materials. If it burn on fire, the smoke will pollute the environment.

• It prevents injuries. Electronic wastes are being pick-up by the residents in communities nearby. Some of the parts are used in the households, while some of the parts end up in the hands of the children. Some are just thrown anywhere. There are many possibilities that can happen.

• It prevents flooding. When some of these electronic wastes are thrown in rivers or floodways. It can create flooding every time it rains.

• It helps to keep electronics items at lower cost. Some of the parts are reusable. When recycled, they can be used again to make another electronic item. This will lower the cost, because they don’t have to import some of the parts again.

• It creates employment opportunities. Yes, this will create additional employment opportunities for the people.

The services offered by Electronic Recycling companies

E-Recycling companies offer different packages and services, but, they do almost the same services. The following are some of those services offered by them:

• Electronic Recycling for businesses where in they pick the e-wastes from the business establishments and it includes record keeping and issuing of recycling certificates. They also extend their services to local residents by providing them with drop of point for their e-wastes for free.

• Data recording for clients to easily access documents.

• Moving out pick-up. They will pick up your e-waste on the day you move out of the facility.

• Data distraction and erasing. During the process, their machines will destroy your physical e-waste including your HDD, to ensure that everything is erased. They will also issue you with certification of distraction.


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