Top Bitters Gift Sets You Can Buy for Your Partner or Friends

Top Bitters Gift Sets You Can Buy for Your Partner or Friends

Bitters Are the Best

Bitters are enjoyed all around the world in many exotic flavours. Bur herbal bitters bring a new element to the drink. Instead of purchasing just one flavor at a time, you can select more than one delicious elixir because there is a variety of gift kits, including Sampler of Herbal Cocktails, The Collection, Shrubs Sample Box, and The Chocolate Lover’s Kit.

Sampler of Herbal Cocktail Bitters

In this gift selection kit, there are 5 flavors:
• Golden – Old Fashioned Aromatic – An enhanced cinnamon experience.
• Riza – Orange Licorice – Simply a delicious blend of 2 distinct aromas.
• Tamer – Lemon, Ginger Spice – A calming blend with a citrus twist.
• Amores – Chocolate Vanilla – Who could resist the combination of these two?
• Floral – Lavender Mountain Wildflower Bitters – Usually a favorite of the ladies in your life.

Share this as a tease with the promise of the full size follow up, once your husband has selected the best-tasting cocktail infuser.

The Collection

If you are certain that all the flavors will be enjoyed immensely, you may opt for the collection with a larger size of bitters. All six flavors in 3-ounce bottles with Wildfire to the previous five samples added. The price is somewhat more than the sampler, but it will be appreciated instantly.

• Wildfire – Spicy Pepper – For the lover of everything hot.

Shrubs Sample Box

If the flavors of the bitters are not suitable, this kit of sipping includes 5 different samples of 2 ounces each.

• Blueberry & Mint – Both set each other off distinctively.
• Cherry & Thyme – A sweet mixed with savory.
• Ginger & Pear – A mellow elixir
• Peach & Rose – Two delicate aromas.
• Persimmon & Lavender – A sweet but flowery adventure

The Chocolate Lover’s Kit

When it is time for amore, consider this kit. It includes Chocolate mix, 1 ounce of Amore Bitters, a jigger and recipes cards, all in a stunning wooden box.

Cocktail Cherries

Dress up all your cocktails with these cherries imported from Italy. They are somewhat unusual in that the sweet cherries have a slightly bitter taste.

The Drunken Botanist

If your partner or family member is somewhat of a connoisseur, they will enjoy learning about the history of cocktails with all the fascinating digressions they took from centuries past.

The Gift Card

The final choice may also be the most suitable. Now your partner or friend can make the selection for themselves. If they tend to hold strong opinions, you are safe with this option.

Gift Wrapped

If your purchase is a gift, make sure you mention that fact in your order so it will come ready for opening. And don’t you forget to share the top bitters gift sets you can buy for your partner or friends.