Some of the mightiest and the tallest cranes.

Some of the mightiest and the tallest cranes.

Cranes surely are mighty and tall; the question is how big they can get? or how much they can lift? A crane is a machine used to lift or move heavy loads in or out of an industrial facility. With growing technology and industrial factors, cranes were modified too, and their sizes and capacity vary as per the requirement. The most powerful type of crane, today in an industry is a gantry or a goliath crane used in shipyards to lift heavy loads, and the tallest one is the tower crane used in the construction of high buildings.

Below are some of the most powerful and biggest cranes the world has witnessed

In today date, the largest crane in the world is a goliath crane that is in Brazil. The crane was delivered by Kone cranes after receiving an order from Ecovix. The world’s leading crane manufacturer took about a decade to deliver this crane as they received the order in October 2011. This goliath crane can lift 2,000 tons within a rail span of 210 meters. 

A goliath crane in Meyer Turku shipyard of Finland can lift up to 1200 tons of load with a span of 154 meters and can reach up to 120 meters. This crane was constructed by Mammoet, a Dutch pioneer in making heavy lifting machines.

Another crane designed by Mammoet is in Jamnagar, India, which was upgraded to enhance its capacity. The crane PTC 200 DS was upgraded to PTC 210 DS that now can lift a 2000-ton structure in one piece. This crane is used by the Jamnagar Refinery, which is owned and operated by Reliance.

A German company Liebherr Group designed the biggest mobile crane in the world that is composed of the longest telescopic boom. This telescopic boom can reach up to 100 meters, and this crane holds the capacity to lift 1200 metric tons.

“Taisun” is one of the strongest gantry cranes of the world as it can lift up to 20,000 metric tons and stands tall at 133 meters. Present in China, this crane also holds the world record for “heaviest weight lifted by crane”, which is 20,133 metric tons.

A crane that comes with a lifting capacity of 3,000 tons, the LR 13000 designed by Liebherr is the strongest crawler crane in the world. It’s not about the capacity; this crane beholds a long hoist height of 240 meters.

The Kockums “Tears of Malmö” Crane present in Korea is not only a crane but also a tourist attraction; this crane can lift up to 1500 tons of weight and stands tall at 138 meters. The name of the crane has a unique story according to which this crane was present in Sweden before being moved to Korea in 2002 and some Swedish people mourn and cried after the crane was dismantled.

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