Social Entrepreneurship – The Gold Standard

Social Entrepreneurship – The Gold Standard

Social entrepreneurship programs and initiatives are no longer new to most of us who remain constant observers of communal changes happening all around us. But the reality on ground is that many countries are still yet to embrace in all totality the concept and importance of social entrepreneurship. In a country like Australia, social entrepreneurs are blazing the trail of social change as being change agents in their communities. The concept of social change is nothing new but what is new are the various accelerator programs utilized by organizations to drive the positive change agenda.
In the world today, it has become the gold standard that every country and community is aspiring for. This world socio cultural benchmark is inspired by authority figures, non-profit organizations and donors who believe in the progress of human civilizations. Some of the drivers of this agenda are.

• Governments

As world governments continue to deal with the economic pressures of delivering the most social goods to the greatest number, they see the wisdom in equipping and supporting individuals and organizations who engage in activities that will lighten their social burdens. By identifying with social entrepreneurs Queensland and wherever they may be found, they build life changing partnerships that affect so many lives.

• World Agencies

Today there are so many global agencies like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) who seek the protection of endangered plant and animal species. These global agencies identify with various social courses that people in so many countries are passionate about. They help raise awareness about a social problem, such as breast cancer and provide the funds to fight the cause. Today we find them in the field of health and medicine, education, peace initiatives, economic advancement, environmental issues just to mention a few. They also place the authorities under pressure to pass legislations that protect communities and their inhabitants.

• Social Entrepreneurs

These people own various social enterprises and promote community and business development programs that improve the lives of people not just in Australia but all over the world where they have their reach. These trained professionals have acquired the requisite skills and built established networks with other professionals, world bodies and government. They use their connections to promote social change in host communities and the fruit of their efforts can be seen in almost every area of human life. They operate at the micro level and are closest to the grassroot.

• Donors

Donors can be individuals or organizations who identify a particular cause and offer donations without anything in return. 99% of donors for most causes are not known as most donations are given anonymously but the roles they play in the scheme of things are as crucial as any of the roles played by other players. With their donations, social entrepreneurial activities can be continued. Without donors, it will be practically impossible for some of the players on this list to even function.

Social entrepreneurship has become a socially accepted gold standard for societies that wish for a prosperous future. With the collaborative effort of every member of society, we can all get the life we wish for. Social change is possible but it begins with you.