Latest Cosmetic Procedures Offered By Plastic Surgery Clinic

Latest Cosmetic Procedures Offered By Plastic Surgery Clinic

With the development of new technologies and techniques, a rise is seen in new kinds of look-enhancing surgeries. Here are some of the cosmetic procedures generally offered by a plastic surgery clinic.

Unique Services Catering Transgender

Since more and more people in world are coming out as transgender, the experts of industry are looking forward to increased number of plastic surgery cases amongst this population. It should be noted that plastic surgery clinics are introducing procedure packages which are especially designed for making feminine faces look more like masculine and vice versa.


This is a non-surgical procedure whichimproves the profile by reducing the presence of fat in neck area and chin. This procedure was approved by FDA in the year 2015 and in future, it is expected that this procedure will continue its upward movement. In Kybella procedure, medicine is injected and it destroys the cells present in the “double chin” region. This makes them incapable to store fat and they create a youthful and smoother jaw line. This procedure is famous in whole world and in 2016, US alone witnessed an 18 percent rise in the cases of Kybella.

Designer Fillers

Scientists are continuously developing facial fillers which address the specific concerns and allow the people to achieve their attractive goals without any invasive procedures. For example, Restylane help to restore facial volume and provided detailed shape for a fresh, young appearance. Similarly, Juvederm helped to create full lips and smooth skin folds, wrinkles and fine lines. Most of the traditional fillers used to last for approximately four months, but newly developed procedures can last for 6-8 months and even longer.

Face Lifts and Neck Lifts

Classic procedures like facelifts and neck lifts are again attaining popularity. Modern technique tightens the tissues and muscles in face or neck region for a more contoured and smoother profile.Some of the procedures combine with minimal invasive techniques like fillers.

Surgical Creation of Dimples

This is a new procedure and is called as dimplectomy. In this procedure, dimples are created via an incision in the cheek. Since this facial feature is linked with a friendly, youthful and cute appearance, there is no wonder that this procedure will be in demand in future.

Nose Reshaping

Nose reshaping is the third most common cosmetic surgery (the first two are breast amplification and liposuction) and it will continue to be amongst the most demanded procedures in the coming time. The procedure is called Rhinoplasty and it brings more natural looking and customizable results. Moreover, reshaping of nose can create functional changes to those with allergy and sinus issues.