Know all about hair transplant consultation

Know all about hair transplant consultation

As far as people who are bald are concerned, a permanent solution would do a world of good to their self confidence. Also if a person has much better appearance then others are more likely to treat him better. Wearing a wig and undergoing a hair transplant are the two solutions for baldness.

Wearing a wig is something that is pretty tricky. There is need to maintain the wig in right shape or else wearing a wig would have a bad effect on the appearance instead of boosting it. Also this cannot be considered as a permanent option.

Hair transplant on the other hand is a permanent solution. Also the process of maintaining the newly planted hair is quite easy.

Knowing about hair transplant:

Hair transplant is a procedure where the surgeon the removes a strip of hair from a region where is hair on the head. And then plants this hair in the region where it is bald. The associated problems are that a scar would be left behind and also that certain people will be unable to undergo the procedure due to lack of hair to harvest on the scalp.

Knowing about FUE hair transplant:

When it to comes to FUE hair transplant, the difference is that the harvesting is done one follicle at a time. This ensures that there is no scar in the scar after the transplant. Also another advantage is that if the person does not have enough hair on his scalp, then the hair can be taken from other regions like beard, chest, shoulders, etc. The only problem is that the process is a far more complex and tricky one and hence there is a need for a much more experienced and skilled surgeon.

Preparing well is very important:

After all it is up to you to decide whether or not to undergo the process. This decision is important because, since the process is a surgical one, there are chances for complications in the future. The chances are very slim but still you must think about them all.

Also it is important that your age is just right. The most suitable range is around 24. Also the health and mental status of the patient plays an important role in the success of the process. So you must both be health and mentally relaxed during the procedure.

Choosing the surgeon and the clinic:

The surgeon should be very experienced and skilled. Especially if the technique chosen is FUE, then the skill of the surgeon would come into play even more. Also the clinic should be equipped well enough. Also the cost is a very important factor. So while choosing the clinic, the cost of the procedure should also be considered.


It is important to read the reviews written by patients who have already gone for hair transplant consultation at the particular clinic. This would help you to choose clinics that are well equipped. Sites like can help you out.