How to Do a Tarot Card Reading

How to Do a Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card readings are relatively easy and with proper knowledge, the exercise can be quite rewarding. Here are some simple steps toensuring an effortless exercise:

  • Gather all the items needed

You don’t want to be distracted once you start the exercise. Halting the process intermittently to pick up one item or the other will distract you and hamper your focus. Gather the tarot cards and every other item you will need in one place and be sure you have all you need before you commence.

  • Set the right mood

Tarot card reading is a physical as well as a spiritual exercise. You need to be in perfect shape both physically and emotionally if you want to do it right. Start by lighting candles to enlighten the space. If you so desire, you can burn incense too. After doing these, take slow breaths and engage in deep meditations for a while before you lay your hands on the cards. Visualize anything that comes to mind and have faith in the exercise you are about to engage in. Reading tarot cards in a noisy place will mess up your thought process and pose distractions. Make sure you are in a quiet and secluded environment devoid of distractions of any form.

  • Be certain of your reading focus

Picking a specific issueor question will ensure clarity and increase focus as this will help you concentrate solely on the insight you want to gain.

  • Shuffle your cards

With a special focus or question in mind, shuffle your cards with your hands. Doing this will link you, your focus and the tarot cards together. Stop shuffling once you feel the need to stop and cut the cards afterwards.

  • Lay out the cards

After shuffling and cutting the cards, lay them out using predetermined layouts, which can be obtained online or from books.

  • Interpret the Tarot Cards before you

There are various ways to interpret tarot cards. Whichever you choose will be right for you. You can consult tarot books for analysis if you have minimal knowledge. You can also observe the pictures in the tarot card which could provide answers to your questions. Another popular method of interpretation is the use of thesymbolism interpretation technique where each card is interpreted. Some card readers also use personal intuition as a basis for interpretation. Use a technique which you are comfortable with and ensure you analyze each tarot card independently.

  • Go a step further

Go a step further if there are unanswered questions you need more information about. You can get more information by laying out more cards on the layout along with further questions which come to mind.

  • Keep your reading in mind

Create a journal where you draw up a list of dates, questions and revelations gained from your tarot card readings. This will help you in future card readings so you don’t keep seeking revelations already gained previously.

  • End the exercise

Once you feel you have digested all there is, slowly end the exercise with a show of appreciation to the universe for its support. Shuffle the cards to release whatever energy still contained in them. Put out the lighted candles and any object used slowly and respectfully.

  • Awake from the ritual

After ending the reading, ensure that you have disengaged from the subconscious and spiritual realm before engaging in any other mundane activity. You can do this by stretching, shaking your frame and taking deep breaths.