How to Clean Polished Aluminum Wheels?

How to Clean Polished Aluminum Wheels?

Polished aluminum wheels usually give any car a radiant, superb and glamorous image; and it’s the desire of every owner to maintain that image. Effective and safe cleaning of the wheel is one of the treatments required to maintain that look. Polished aluminum wheels usually require cleaning on a regular basis to remove the daily buildup of grime and brake dust. These are the most dangerous elements to the radiant admirable image of the aluminum wheel. To clean your polished aluminum wheel, you need several items, including degreaser, pressure water, soap and water wash brush, and a rag.

• First step

In the first step, you have to pour some amount of water onto the wheel. This will act as the first process of cleaning by removing the loose dust, dirt, and debris from the aluminum wheel. The water will flush out those loose hanging particles, preparing the wheel for more thorough cleaning. This step may also reduce the amount of workload you need to clean the wheel.

Another important factor is that this step usually contributes towards achieving a shiny and mirror quality wheel. To be more effective, you can use a damp rag for removing any remaining debris or dust particles. It is better to dip it into a bucket full of water and wring it. Repeat this process several times and use a circular motion to get the best results. Also, make sure you use the damp rag on all crevices on the wheel. Remember to also rub all mud, dirt and dust from the tire. This step will prepare you for the second step and without it, the second wouldn’t provide the desired results.

• Second step

This step involves the removal of stubborn dirt, like brake dust and grime. First, spray the wheel with the degreaser and allow it to soak for about one minute. The next step involves you rubbing the wheel with a wash brush that has soft bristles. Don’t use wire brush which can remove the polish, leaving the wheel with the ugly marks that are prone to oxidization. Failure to remove brake dust can lead to etching and staining, which are very hard to fix in aluminum wheels.

While scrubbing, ensure to go to every corner or crevices. Don’t forget the inside surfaces of the wheel and make sure you scrub every inch of it. If you are satisfied with the scrubbing, you can now rinse the wheel with the pressure water and remember to rinse every of part of the wheel, including the inside surfaces.

• Third step

This step does not involve much, just use the common detergent solution. Use a rag dipped in the local detergent solution to rub thoroughly so as to remove any materials that might have remained, including the degreaser chemicals. The final step involves rinsing the wheel with free running water and removing all remaining soapy water. The wheel might be fully clean by now, but you shouldn’t allow it to dry naturally. Use a bath towel to drain all the remaining water on the wheel. Repeat this process for all the other polished aluminum wheels.