Holidays in Canary Islands – Slice of a Great Spanish Holiday

Holidays in Canary Islands – Slice of a Great Spanish Holiday

The Canary Islands is composed of seven islands surrounded by many other tiny islets and one small island. It has two cities: Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas, which is its capital. The Canary Islands, the result of volcanic eruptions in the past, have become a spectacular wonder to behold.

The following are some of the majestic islands you will encounter during your trip to the Canary Islands for your Canary vacation:

Gran Canaria

With plenty of world-class tourist resorts, sunny climate, and breathtaking tourist attractions, Gran Canaria is a must-visit holiday destination. Among its most talked-about attractions include Sioux City, dozens of amusement parks and water parks like Aqualand Aquasur, Parque de los Cocodrilos, Holiday World, and so much more. Tourists can come to Gran Canaria and expect a plethora of options when it comes to beaches, nightlife, and family-friendly fun. The third major island of the Canary Island, it boasts picture-perfect scenery and postcard-worthy landscapes dotted with pine forests and sand dunes.

• Tenerife

The largest major island of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is the perfect place to unwind. Tenerife is actually the highest point in all of Spain. It’s packed with incredible tourist spots, such as theme parks, historical museums, nightclubs, world-class restaurants and bistros, and botanical gardens. Tenerife is also a great place to enjoy water sports like scuba diving.

• Fuerteventura

With volcanic sites and sand dunes, Fuerteventura is the calmer side of the Canary Islands. It’s also home to many tourist attractions, including the Bentancuria, Oasis Park, Casa Santa Maria, Islote de Lobos Nature Reserve, and so much more. With countless natural landscapes, Fuerteventura is a must-see for that perfect photo op.

• Las Palmas

Quaint, preserved, and overflowing with water, Las Palmas is a spot in the Canary Islands that is rich in culture and cuisine. It’s not a common holiday destination, but some people like going here to admire its untouched beauty. Las Palmas is also the prime location for banana production and farming.

• Lanzarote

Surrounded by a breathtaking volcanic view, Lanzarote is one of the most visited places in the Canary Islands. Here, one can find so many resorts, museums, nighttime spots, natural caves and other incredible sights. Some of the highly visited destinations in Lanzarote include The Cactus Garden, El Grifo, and Costa Teguise.

• La Gomera

The tranquil part of the Canary Islands, this lush landscape offers miles of greenery, pristine beaches and incomparable natural beauty. This island also has the national park. In addition, from La Gomera you can visit places like El Cedro Forest, Vallehermoso and Garajonay National Park.

When Should You Visit the Canary Islands?

The weather varies throughout the year and you might find yourself enjoying sunny weather one second and then drenched in rain the next. It actually depends on which island you’re planning to visit. The important thing is to prepare for both dry and wet climates in order to make the most out of your Canary Islands holiday.

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