<strong>Have A Memorable Experience With A Wellness Holiday Phuket Style</strong>

Have A Memorable Experience With A Wellness Holiday Phuket Style

The Beautiful Island Of Phuket

Phuket is a famous tourist destination in Thailand. It is an island internationally recognized for its beautiful clear water beaches, resorts, clubs, restaurants and spas. This region is blessed with some of the most amazing island formations in the world, surrounded by the Pacific ocean. Thailand is a country which has a unique and rich culture. But aside from beautiful beaches and martial arts, did you know that Phuket has something else to offer guests and tourists? If you want to experience a relaxing vacation with family and friends, undergo a health and wellness program, and lose weight all at the same time, enjoy a wellness holiday in Phuket style right now!

Paleo Weight Loss Retreat

Paleo Weight Loss Retreat is a lifestyle and wellness resort located in the beautiful island of Phuket in Thailand. What does the term Paleo mean? It is a specific time period in human history where people are hunters and gatherers. During those times, people gather plants, fruits and vegetables to eat and hunt animals for meat. No, you won’t be doing that in the resort. People back then are eating healthy because the food is fresh and organic. Nowadays, most food products are processed and contain unhealthy fats and other chemicals. These preservatives, if taken in large amounts, can cause diseases such as colon cancer. Drinks such as soda have high sugar content and can cause diabetes later in life. A high fat diet can cause gallbladder and liver problems.

The health and wellness philosophy of Paleo Weight Loss Retreat focuses on a healthy diet and exercise program that will make you fitter and stronger, at the same time lose those unwanted pounds. A carefully prepared menu includes fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, fresh fish (seabass, halibut, salmon), prawns and scallops. It is a detox cleanse Thailand style diet. For meat, we have organic pork, chicken, lamb and beef. For hydration, we serve our guests water, tea, coconut water and special coffee.

The exercise program includes yoga, Muay Thai, fat burner, cross fit and personal training. You can have a customized program based on your specific needs and capabilities. Meditation and relaxation techniques are also offered to relax the body and mind. Spa services include different massages, body and facial treatments. It is a total cleanse Phuket experience.

Other Activities That You Will Enjoy

You, your friends and loved ones will surely enjoy the sights and sceneries of the beautiful island of Phuket. One of the popular tourist destinations is the Promthep Cape. Before night time, you will be treated to a picturesque sunset. Buy souvenir items and shirts in one of the stores or night markets. Aside from clear water beaches, Phuket also has parks and waterfalls that you can visit.

Experience a vacation like no other with a wellness holiday in Phuket style. Have a healthier body with our health and wellness program. See the beautiful island of Phuket and discover why it is considered as one of the most famous island beaches in the world. Visit paleoweightlossretreat.com and enjoy a wonderful time in Phuket.