Great Cruise Holiday Trips to Consider

Great Cruise Holiday Trips to Consider

If you’re looking for a chance to enjoy and relax on your own pace, see a range of fantastic destinations and make the most out of world-class amenities, then it’s time you pack your bags, ready your swimsuit, and get on a cruise holiday.

Cruises have increasingly become a favorite among travelers and vacation-goers. This is because a cruise holiday offers so much more than traditional holiday packages. Cruises allow you to visit more than one country and explore its many tourist spots, all in one cruise ship! You will also get to experience a wide array of in-cruise activities, such as swimming, dining, and shopping. There’s not enough time to enjoy it all!

But where should you go on a cruise? The following are some fantastic cruise holiday trips to consider on your next cruise:

The Baltic Region

Scenic views await you when you cruise across the Baltic Region. A cruise to this area gives you access to places such as the Helsinki in Finland, and St. Petersburg in Russia.

During the Baltic Cruise, you will get to experience an ever-changing scenery. View dramatic coastlines as you immerse yourself in Norway’s cool temperatures. Here, you can even witness the glacier-covered islands of Norway: the Svalbard Islands.

Norwayand Iceland

Another great cruise destination is in Norway and Iceland. These stunning countries offer some of the world’s best historical locations.

In Iceland, you could go to Reykjavick, which is the world’s most northerly city. Here, you’ll find lots of great sights, and you will get to visit incredible locations like the Great Geyser, the Golden Waterfall and the Eyjafjallajokull Glacier.

Onward to Norway, you can cruise along the breathtakingly massive Norwegian Fjords before you make your way to the coast city Bergen, which is also the country’s second biggest city.

The Canary Islands and Morocco

At the coast of North Africa, you can find the Canary Islands. If you prefer warmer temperatures, this is the cruise for you. The Canary Islands offer plenty of islands that you can choose from, each one offering unique sights, tastes and sounds. There are seven main islands, which are surrounded by tiny islets. A result of a volcanic eruption, this quaint yet exciting destination is favored by all kinds of tourists.

In the Canary Islands, you can go to famous destinations like San Sebastian in La Gomera and Las Palmas in Gran Canaria. You’ll get to experience great Spanish culture at your own pace.

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