Get Rid of Emergency Dental Problems with Emergency Dental Care

Get Rid of Emergency Dental Problems with Emergency Dental Care

No matter how old you are, it’s simply unavoidable to experience common dental emergencies. This is why for most dentists, emergency dental care has always been part of their daily routine. Usually, as part of the emergency dental situations, dentists encounter periodontal problems, which is when there’s a bacterial infection in the gums. However, it’s also common for dentists to treat dental trauma as a result of accidents.

If you experience a sudden dental emergency, it’s important to stay calm and not panic. Rush immediately to your dentist’s clinic or to the nearest dental clinic. If you’re on vacation and you experience a sharp toothache beyond the dental clinic’s working hours, you could try some home remedies that can offer temporary relief from the dental problem until you get to the dentist’s clinic the following day.

Emergency Home Remedies for Toothaches and Common Tooth Problems

If you haven’t taken serious care of your dental health for a long time, then you’re at higher risk of developing periodontal problems that can escalate to more severe oral problems, like gum inflammation, gum bleeding, and more serious ones that would require you to seek out emergency appointments with your dentist. But while you wait, you can provide temporary relief by using over-the-counter medication meant for pain relief. Medicine that has anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the swelling of the gum. In addition, using a warm saline solution to rinse the mouth can help ease the pain. This is because salt water is naturally a disinfectant that can eliminate the bacteria causing your dental problems.

Another home remedy you can try is using the oil of a clove. The oil contains eugenol, which is a chemical that can numb one’s nerve endings.

To avoid causing more dental problems to the area, you should avoid eating on that side of the mouth when eating.

Do note that none of the emergency home remedies mentioned can offer permanent relief to whatever dental problem you may be experiencing. To remedy your dental problem for good, you need to seek the professional care of your dentist.

Emergency Home Remedies for Broken Teeth

If you’ve ever broken a tooth, you’ll know that you will experience an excruciating pain. This is caused by the exposed area called the dentin. To provide temporary relief before you can go to your dentist, you can cover the exposed area using sugar-free gum. This type of gum can easily be found in convenience stores and supermarkets. It’s also possible to find kits that can cover exposed dentin in your local drugstore. Do know that these sealants can only provide relief for two days at most.

If you have lost the broken pieces of the tooth or failed to preserve them, your dentist can easily repair the broken tooth and replace it with a crown. It’s also possible that your dentist will recommend undergoing a root canal treatment which can permanently cover the exposed dentin.