Double Girder Overhead Travelling Cranes

Double Girder Overhead Travelling Cranes

In accordance with the duty classification by IS-3177, double girder EOT cranes are designed keeping adequate safety factors in mind. Single girder cranes and double girder cranes are the two main types of overhead cranes. They are used for a longer span for lifting heavy loads with a capacity range of 1 ton to 100 tons.

The working time span and the height of the lift can be personalized as per the client’s specific requirements. The squirrel cage induction hoisting motors that are built in the double girder crane facilitates long and cross travel and a built-in fail-safe braking system for hoisting.

Highlighting Features of a Double Girder Crane

  • Has auxiliary hoisting
  • Double trolley system
  • Maintenance is low
  • Lifetime lasting quality
  • Customization as per client requirement
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Can be cabin or floor operated through pendent push button or RRC

Smooth Material Handling

The structural parts of a double girder crane are designed, keeping in mind adequate factors of safety with respect to appropriate duty standards. To ensure reliability, the standard controls and components are manufactured accordingly.

The distance span of these cranes ranges from 3 meters to 35 meters while the speed is selected as per client specifications, shed dimensions and areas of applications. EOT crane manufacturers in India can even design cranes that run at two times more than the normal speed and reduce the civil work costs for the client companies. They promise crane efficiency like no other!

Quality Checks on Cranes

Most of the manufacturers that require heavy-duty cranes for their loading needs end up buying expensive hoists and cranes. They are usually not compliant with the safety standards, and a lot of projects also get delayed because of a lapse in the delivery of the cranes and hoists. This adds high costs to the project and cranes bought from unreliable companies hinder the project performance with breakdown, resulting in a production downtime.

The double girder cranes should be suitable for the right application, and the crane manufacturing companies should be efficient in after-sales services and spare parts required thereafter. Some of the double girder crane sellers also offer extended warranty on purchase of this heavy machinery, apart from the minimum guaranteed service years.

Specially Designed Heavy-Duty Cranes

A company can get a double girder EOT crane specially designed for their business purpose, which will meet the exact needs of production and increase the efficiency of their project handling. You can opt for an increased crane speed, completely build your own crane from scratch, optimally construct cranes that will result in cost reduction and lastly choose from various headroom and speed combinations. The EOT crane manufacturers in India construct their cranes, keeping safety features in mind, deliver their products on time and try to optimize the cost of production of their clients with customized crane systems. Loadmate has delivered hundreds of double girder EOT cranes to big industries in India. Their cranes do the heavy lifting without any bend or slag and can help in installation in regions that are otherwise not reachable.