Buy the most Powerful Single Girder EOT Crane.

Buy the most Powerful Single Girder EOT Crane.

Electric Overhead Traveling Crane popularly known as EOT Crane is one of the most demanded cranes in the manufacturing and heavy industries. Both private and public companies are in constant requirement of Single Girder EOT Cranes as they need to shift and handle material for varied application. Installing girders for bridges, metro construction, railway over bridges, highways or expressways EOT cranes are must. Moreover, these cranes should be powerful, reliable and impeccable as human safety is under consideration, and no industry can compromise on its workers health and safety.

Most Important Features of Girder Cranes

A Girder Crane has a rope with a hook and an electric brake mechanism. The crane functions with a drum and pulley system. This crane passes through Gantry Girders through the well-laid iron rails so that the movement is sturdy and strong. The iron rails form the base of the structure on which these Girder Cranes move.  Thus the iron rails should be of best quality and of heavy gauge.

Crane of girder types are designed with U, and I beams so that the material can be lifted and shifted according to the civil and mechanical design.  The bridge girders are further supported and backed up with carriages that have wheels. If you want any specific change in the shape and layout of the crane, you can also get it customized by detailing the manufacturer.

Importance of Lubrication in Girder Cranes

Most of the manufacturers focus on building powerful and heavy Crane Girders and usually do not give importance to other features that add strength and long life to them. If these cranes are not lubricated properly, they shall not be able to shift the material due to constant friction and thus shall cease to operate in some time. Thus a good EOT Crane Manufacturer should always focus on excellent and constant lubrication of cranes. 

Well designed and safe Electrical panel

Another most important aspect that most of the EOT Crane Manufacturers avoid to concentrate on is the electric panel of the Girder Cranes. Very few manufacturers in India focus on electric panels that are safe, easy to use and installed only after 100% security check. Electric panels are the most important component of the EOT Single Girder Cranes as the entire function of the crane is dependent on the electric wires, electric cables, switches and connections. If the electric board is not designed and maintained regularly, there is always a risk of switch overload that may even lead to the breakdown of the crane. Thus the manufacturers should use only the best quality of wires and other components even if they cost more.  

Best EOT Crane Manufacturer in India

Though there are several EOT single Girder Crane manufacturers in India, yet very few exist that focus on both power and safety. As cost is one of the biggest aspects for the client, certain manufacturer compromise on quality and claim to offer cost-effective Girder Cranes that might lure you for some time, but may not prove to be a good investment in the long run.

Loadmate in India is one such coveted EOT crane manufacturer that has gained immense respect and fame across the globe for manufacturing world-class EOT single girder cranes

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