Applications of Monorail Trolleys vs Motorized Trolleys

Applications of Monorail Trolleys vs Motorized Trolleys

When you’re trying to lift or move things at a construction site, you need more than just a crane. To move things safely and in a secured manner, trolleys are used to hoist things up. You will notice trolleys being used indoors and outdoors to transport materials and small equipment or tools from one place to another. Sometimes, trolleys even allow 1-2 men to move from one point to another.

Let’s take a look at the two main kinds of trolleys commonly seen at construction sites:

  • Electric/Motorized Trolley
  • Monorail Trolley

Electric or Motorized Trolley and its Uses

Electric trolleys function on a pulley action whereby chains attached to the trolley permit lowering and hoisting of the trolley. The chains are powered by electricity and can be controlled by the operator. Motorized trolleys are useful to hoist things through alternate spaces when the existing paths are narrow. Hence, these trolleys are often seen at homes with narrow stairways, so that heavy furniture and equipment can easily be hoisted to the upper floors of the home. 

At factories or constructions sites, electric trolleys are often used to transport labour too, apart from material or machinery. Most of the motorized trolleys can be easily installed and put to use quickly. You will see these trolleys being used commonly to maintain the façade of building outdoors using Spiderman (Rope Access Technic). But remember, this harness system can be very dangerous and may require more than one person to finish the job quickly.

Large electric trolleys can usually carry loads from 400 to 1000kg and are perfect for outdoor installations. They can easily be handled by one person. Make sure you buy trolleys from a reliable machinery dealer so that you are certain of getting safe and quality-checked equipment. You wouldn’t risk lives just to save a buck or two.

Monorail Trolley and its Uses

A monorail trolley implies one that moves along a rail track system only. It is perfect for inclined surfaces and can even climb vertically with heavy loads. For building access, a bespoke permanently-installed monorail system is more efficient than temporarily suspended trolleys. The monorail system is barely visible from a distance, and the ‘gondola’ can be removed when not in use.

Monorail trolleys can move loads quickly, hover above obstacles and avoid longer routes. They can be handled easily with the operator at one point where he can see the entire monorail track to navigate any obstacles. The tracks of monorail trolleys are designed to be unnoticeable, so they can be bent to suit the building’s shape and can be painted any choice of colour. Monorail trolleys are also great for roofs with limited space since it doesn’t need any space on the roof. 

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