All That You Wanted to Know About Chain Pulley Blocks

All That You Wanted to Know About Chain Pulley Blocks

In the industrial sector, the chain pulley blocks are the most commonly used lifting devices. They are mainly used in erection and maintenance work. There are mostly two types of chain blocks – Titan and Super Titan. The former is lightweight, while Super Titan is compact and allows pulling from all directions ranging from 0.5 to 20 tons. 

In India, the chain pulley blocks are made as per the IS 3832: 2005 standard, which lays down the general requirements and the testing of the chain pulley blocks (hand-operated). All the pulley blocks are tested at 50% overload. But, for the benefit of those who do not know, let us explain the concept of Chain lifts and its workings. 

What is a Chain Block?

The chain block or a chain hoist is a state-of-the-art machine used in heavy industries and construction sites to lift and lower the heavy loads. The chain blocks have a couple of wheels around which the chain is wound. When the chain is pulled, it gets wound around the wheels, and the hook slowly lifts the item attached to the rope. The chain blocks are sometimes attached to chain bags so that load is pulled in an even manner. 

How does the chain block work?

The chain block contains a lifting chain, a grabbing hook, and a hand chain. The majority of the chain blocks are operated by electricity. But there are manual versions too. The chain block is attached to the load with the help of the grabbing hook. When the hand chain is pulled, the chain grips the wheel tightly and forms a loop. A tension is created that helps to lift the load from the ground. 

Where is the chain block used?

Since the chain blocks have tremendous lifting capabilities, the chain blocks are used in garages where they are used to remove the engines from the cars. As one person mainly operates them, the chain blocks are a great way to complete jobs that would have taken two workers to complete it. They are also handy on construction sites as it can lift loads from higher levels, in assembly-line factories, and lift items from the belt. On some occasions, the chain blocks are also used to pull cars from dangerous terrain. 

The chain blocks come in a wide variety of different capacities, which makes them highly suitable for various operations. The chain blocks, which are much in demand, can lift to 20 tons of weight. 


Choosing the right chain pulley block is no mean task. To get the right equipment, one must work closely with an experienced construction firm like Loadmate.inconvey the requirements and select the proper components. The more renowned and reputed companies have chain pulley blocks that meet all manufacturing and testing standards.  The hoist operator must be properly trained and read the instructions carefully provided by the manufacturer. Ample time must be provided for the installation to occur, and regular inspection and maintenance must be undertaken so that the chain block runs efficiently for years.